Music Books & Links

SHS has always had a lot of musical talent, but this year we have a music course again! To mark the occasion, here is a list of music books in the library’s collection and a few noteworthy music websites.





All Music

If you want to expand your musical horizons, check out All Music. The  website’s knowledgeable contributors have written descriptions of every music genre and subgenre imaginable, from Britpop to  Scandinavian Metal to Gangsta Rap. For each entry you will find links to the top artists, albums, and songs within the category, and related music styles. It also features music news and reviews.

CBC Radio 3

An excellent resource for independent Canadian music. Stream music from thousands of artists for free, create your own playlists, listen to concert recordings, and browse by genre to discover new music.


This comprehensive site on world music features news, reviews, and interviews with artists from around the world. I particularly like the handy map that allows you to search for artists by country. Ever want to know what people are listening to in Kyrgystan? Check out Mondomix to find out!


Pitchfork showcases independent (usually obscure) music in North America and abroad.  You won’t find Lady Gaga here, but you will find independent music news, reviews, and videos of performances at Pitchfork’s annual festival. I love the annual best-of lists for the last decade, which can be found at the bottom of the homepage. I’m a sucker for lists.

Do you have any favourite music books or websites? Share your picks in the comments.


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