CCRSB Teen Reader’s Choice Award

Attention Students of SHS!

You are invited to participate in the the school board’s first-ever teen book award. The nominees and the winner will all be determined by you! Here’s how you can get involved:


From now until January 14, you can nominate your favourite book for the award (forms are available in the library). There are no restrictions on what you can nominate, but you can only submit the title of one book. Nominations from across the board will be counted in January and the 10 most popular books will be available in the library by February 14.


Between February 14 and May 13, read as many books from the Top 10 as you possibly can. Even if your nominated book didn’t make the cut, you should still check out at least one of the finalists. You never know – you might find your new favourite book.


Stop by a book club meeting to talk about the Top 10 with fellow SHS students. Still have more to say? There will be an online forum available to all CCRSB students to discuss the finalists. If you’re really persuasive, you may even convince other students to vote for your favourite book.


Voting will take place online between April 25 and May 14. You only need to read one book from the Top 10 to vote (but it won’t hurt to read at least two or three). You only get one vote, so make it count.


After the votes are tabulated, the winner will be announced at a small ceremony for participants in the library at the end of May. More details on the award celebration will follow. Student suggestions are welcome, so feel free to share your ideas (within reason, of course).

For more information and to see what schools throughout the board (including SHS) are nominating, check out the website.


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