Book Club

Image by Jennerally.

Love to read fiction, nonfiction, comics or manga? Then you should join book club! This is not a traditional book club where we all read the same book (unless we want to). We simply meet every week  to discuss whatever we are reading.  If interested, bring your food and opinions to the library at the times listed below:

Senior book club (grades 10-12) : Tuesdays at 12:00
Junior book club (grades 7-9): Fridays at 12:00

Chess Club

Image by conorwithonen.

Chess club is open to all students, no matter their skill level. Experienced players can find some friendly competition and students who have no idea how chess works can find someone to teach them (although you may not want to ask me. I’m terrible at chess). If you like board games and are looking for entertainment during lunch hour, check it out at the following day and time:

Chess club (grades 7-12): Thursdays at 12:00


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