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Top 10!

The Top 10 nominees for the first CCRSB Teen Reader’s Choice award have been announced! 2,500 nomination forms were submitted and the 10 best-loved books across the board are (in alphabetical order):

Read at least one of the Top 10 books on the list between now and May 14. For every Top 10 book you check out, your name will be automatically added to a draw for a complete set of the Top 10 books. You can participate even if you didn’t nominate a book.

Discuss the books online with other CCRSB students on the Award website. Talk about whether you loved or hated a book, but remember to be respectful to other students and use school-appropriate language.

Vote between April 25 and May 14! You will be able to  cast your vote  with paper ballots in the library and online.

Let’s get reading!